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Kibwezi Center for Sustainability (KCS) is a grassroot non-for-Profit organization involved in promoting environment conservation, gender balance, access to education, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and public health care services with an aim of increasing socio-economic empowerment, improving food security and safety, promoting equality and equity, climate change resilience, and improving ecological balance, thus achieving sustainable development.
KCS provides a holistic gender-sensitive approach of a fully integrated three-pronged solution that combines social, environmental and economic aspects of promoting sustainable development in line with the UN sustainable development goals agenda of 2030, AU agenda 2063, Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the National Development Plan of Kenya.
KCS has an affiliate voluntary group of members under the name Kibwezi Wellwishers, which has three chapters namely: Coast, Nairobi Metropolitan and Highway chapters, that organize and conduct charity events in line with KCS objectives. Further, KCS partners with community members, local government, corporates, sponsors and donors to successfully implement projects and hold impactful events.

Target population
KCS operates within the Counties of Makueni, Kitui, Machakos, Nairobi and Mombasa. Our targets populations are rural communities that are constrained socially, culturally and economically mainly needy students and girls, whom are exposed to abuse, rape, early pregnancies, forced/early marriages and period poverty, thus dropping out of school and denied their freedom of choice and expression.

Vision, Mission and Values


To provide solutions through practical environmental, health, education programmes, research, capacity building for enhanced livelihoods


A healthy, educated and environmentally sustainable society responding to the livelihood needs of the vulnerable communities and threatened environment


1. Transparency
2. Accountability
3. Volunteerism
4. Inclusivity
5. Self and community growth
6. Professionalism with integrity

objectives and principles


• To promote education for vulnerable and maginalized children and youth through scholarships, mentorship, technical trainings and psychosocial support sessions and capacity building
• To conserve the environment through tree planting programmes, seedballs broadcasting, garbage cleanups, and environmental advocacy
• To advocate for a healthy society through health awareness and education, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH programmes) medical and veterinary camps, fight against period poverty and shame, mental health awareness, domestic violence, sexual and drug abuse awareness
• To promote socio-economic development through capacity-building on sustainable climate-smart farming systems, marketing and entrepreneurship, renewable energy, value-chain management, food production systems, best farm management practices.


KCS shall be governed according to the following principles:

  1. Transparency, honesty and accountability
  2. Love and respect for nature and environmental
  3. Volunteerism, self and community empowerment
  4. Inclusiveness and respect for human dignity
  5. Professionalism with integrity


Nairobi Metropolitan Chapter Celebrating International Women’s Day at Machakos Women’s Prison

Nairobi Metropolitan Chapter Celebrating International Women’s Day at Machakos Women’s Prison

Nairobi Metropolitan Chapter on 11/03/2023 visited the Machakos Women’s Prison to celebrate them as we commemorate International Women’s Day. The happiness in their faces after receiving the assorted package of gifts brought to them affirms our desire to keep doing good and touching lives of the less fortunate in our society. The importance of prison […]

Seedballs broadcasting and tree planting at Athi River riparian – Nairobi

Seedballs broadcasting and tree planting at Athi River riparian – Nairobi

Kibwezi Center for Sustainability in partnership with My Green Institution and Kaiti Greening Champions where able to broadcast 125,000 seedballs and planted 40 tree seedlings along Athi River (riparian) in Nairobi. We appreciate Bolt and SeedballsKenya for their support with #SeedBolts A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.” – Justice Oliver […]

Long weekend Kinyambu event update – 08/10/2022

Long weekend Kinyambu event update – 08/10/2022

The event was started at noon by distributing tree seedballs and seedlings to the residents of Kinyambu, followed by garbage collection which helps in saving the environment from the toxic effects of the inorganic and biodegradable elements present in the waste reducing water contamination, soil pollution, and air contamination and improving the environmental aesthetic value. […]


Dr. Sonnia Nzilani Musyoka -Founder & Chairperson

Dr. Sonnia has over 15 years of experience in promoting sustainable development, education, environmental conservation, women empowerment and public health. She is a Lecturer and Head of department of Hydrology and Aquatic Sciences at South Eastern Kenya University in the school of environment. She has a Ph.D. in natural resources and life sciences from Austria. She has two Masters Degrees in “Water and coastal management” and “Environmental assessment and Management” from Spain and Italy, respectively. She has done over 10 postgraduate short courses (including a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management) and has attended various workshops, conferences and TV/Radio interviews. She has 10 peer-reviewed publications.

Rachael Mwikali Munyao - Secretary

Rachael has over 30 years of practice in various community outreach projects, principally in health and human nutrition awareness, diabetes and COVID-19 management and tree planting. She has a diploma in nursing from Kenya medical and training centre, Machakos with over 27 years of experience as a nursing officer. She is currently working at Merruesh community centre where she is the head nurse. She has previously worked at Mulatya Memorial Hospital, Mtito Andei General Medical Centre and Suleiman Farouq Memorial. She is a board member at Kinyambu School for the disabled. She has won several grants to build and support the school.


Stephen is a certified accountant (CPA K) with over 20 years of experience in providing accounting services to various organizations. He is a proprietor at Achiever Academy- a private primary school in Kibwezi that offer scholarships to needy and disabled children. He has been at the forefront of several community-based projects focusing on giving back to society.


Robert Muthami is a climate change policy specialist with over 10 years’ experience at local, national, regional and international level. He currently works as a Senior Programme Advisor at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Kenya Office and coordinates work on Socioecological Transformation. He is a Board member at the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA). In addition he is a member of the Makueni County Climate Change Fund Management Board, appointed by the Governor Makueni County Government. He holds a Master degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Nairobi, A Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from the Kenya Institute of Management. Robert has actively volunteered in promoting community development and environmental conservation.


Kelvin Mwendwa is indeed an esteemed figure in radiography, serving as the Head of the Computed Tomography Department at Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kenya. Alongside his professional responsibilities, he also imparts his knowledge as a part-time tutor at Kenya Medical Training College. Kelvin's educational journey is marked by excellence, holding a Bachelor of Science in Radiography from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, and a Diploma in Radiography and Imaging from Kenya Medical Training College. His dedication to continuous learning is evident through his engagement in post-graduate short courses, where he delved deeper into various facets of radiography, including Computed Tomography clinical applications, X-ray Equipment Applications and Maintenance, and Updates in Emergency Radiology. In addition to his professional endeavors, Kelvin is deeply committed to philanthropy as the Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors of Kibwezi Center for Sustainability (formerly Kibwezi Wellwishers), an NGO dedicated to advancing education, public health, and environmental conservation. Kelvin's journey in community service began in 2017 when he noticed a concerning trend of students dropping out of his former primary school, Kinyambu in Kibwezi, Makueni County. In response, he initiated motivational talks and mentorship sessions, which significantly improved the school's overall performance. Under Kelvin's leadership, Kibwezi Center for Sustainability has expanded its activities, including sponsorship programs, academic exchanges, counseling services, sports coaching, capacity building initiatives, and environmental projects like tree planting. Notably, Kelvin spearheaded the establishment of the Kinyambu School of Disabled, receiving recognition and support from the government. Kelvin's contributions have earned him recognition through various awards and nominations, such as 'The Best Male Student of the Year' at the Kenya Medical Training College graduation awards in 2017 and nominations like 'The Radiographer of the Year' at the Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital awards in 2021. Additionally, his NGO, Kibwezi Center for Sustainability, received nominations for "Humanitarian of the Year" at the E360 awards in both 2022 and 2023. Currently, Kelvin's organization comprises over 300 active members and has made significant strides in community outreach, impacting numerous schools, institutions, churches, and police stations. Their efforts have empowered over 100,000 youths and contributed substantially to environmental conservation through the planting of over one million trees.



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Members support activities financially and volunteer to support events and projects as we share love with the less fortunate while creating sustainable environment.

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