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KCS Peaceful Demonstration against School Girls Sexual Abuse

Kibwezi Center for Sustainability peaceful demonstration against teenage school girls sexual abuse in Makindu town, along Mombasa -Nairobi road from Makindu to Kiundwani and Kiundwani market where community members where sensitized about the effects of sexual child abuse.

Generally, girls are being lured very easily by these sexual perpetrators just because they know this family cannot afford to provide, they give them handouts, free transport by truck drivers and they end up having sex with these girls. They don’t know this is a punishable thing or punishable crime, but now they accept just because their parents cannot afford to provide certain items or transport to school or market.

The focus was on the members of the community to not engage in irresponsible sexual behavior with school going girls which lead to early pregnancies, school drop outs, health complications and many other issues.

The message being – Do Not Touch Our School Girls. Violence and sexual abuse of under-age girls are often not reported due to fears of stigma and prejudice or fear of retaliation from the wider community. KWW called for law enforcement on those that impregnate school going girls and tough measures taken on them.

This calls for a values and moral audit of us as members of the community.



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