Kibwezi Center for Sustainability ENVIRONMENT,NATURE,PROJECTS Kiu Catchment and Kilema Hills Seedballs Broadcasting -Makindu

Kiu Catchment and Kilema Hills Seedballs Broadcasting -Makindu

KWW in partneship with SeedballsKenya today broadcasted hundreds of thousands of seedballs at Kiu Catchment area and Kilema Hills in Makindu. Seedballs are seeds rolled with a ball of charcoal mixed with nutritional binders. They are inexpensive and can be easily dispersed over large areas which are often hard to reach. Simply put, we are giving Mother Nature a helping hand by protecting the seeds from predators and sun until the appropriate natural environmental conditions trigger germination. Seedballs reintroduce tree species that have been partially or completely removed from their original environments and is as natural a process as can be undertaken.

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