Kingwede Event on Education and Environment

  1. Mentorship Session.

Our Kingwede event started off with mentorship session where students were divided per class/grade and over 20 Kibwezi Well-wishers members and 5 representatives from Diani Walkers (mentors) were divided to join different groups during the session.

We successfully reached around 500 students with mentorship on academic performance, personal growth, family matters, social lives, and other soft skills.

  • Menstrual Health and Hygiene Awareness and sharing of dignity kits

We were privileged to sensitize the 500 boys and girls attending the mentorship session on menstruation or women monthly periods which we emphasized is a healthy and normal part of women lives. They were sensitized on sanitary pads taking them through the entre process of using them to disposal with keen focus on how to dress them on panties before wearing. The session involved demonstration and involvement of the students to answer some of the question asked during the session.

Menstruation awareness help us in breaking down the stigmas since most girls are not well equipped with knowledge on how to manage periods and rarely do people talk about menstrual hygiene which always makes the girls feel at ease during the new stage in life. We also brought the boys in the conversation to ensure they understood there was nothing strange about a girl being on her monthly period. We encouraged the girls to engage their parents, relatives or teachers in case they had challenges during periods.

We lastly gifted the girls and boys with a dignity items, that is, over 80 cartons of sanitary pads, several dozens of pants and boxers. 

  • Tree planting

We planted around 50 Afzelia quanzensis (Mbamba Kofi) tree seedlings at the Kingwede Junior Secondary and over 150 tree seedlings at Kingwede Girls Secondary School. Each tree was planted by a member or Kibwezi Wellwishers or Diani Walkers with a student who were adopting the tree seedlings to take care of the until maturity.

  • Garbage Collection at Bomani market

Lastly, we were joined by 60 girls from Kingwede Girls Secondary School to collect garbage at Bomani market center where we were able to collect half a tone non-biodegradable material which we dumped at market dumping site to be collected by Kwale county government for disposal.

  • July Babies Birthday Celebration

Later in the evening we joined one of our members to celebrate her birthday at Diani Coral Beach Resort.

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