Konza tree planting launch

Kibwezi Center for Sustainability is giant in conservation. Congratulations to our partners and members for continued support. We were able to bring and share the tree seedlings donated by Konza Techno City,Malili,Mombasa Road as follows: –

1. Kibwezi Wellwishers – 22000

2. Makueni County – 14000

3. Kaiti Greening Champions – 5000

4. Athi Conservancy – 30000

5. Mama Sara foundation – 1000

6. Makueni University Students’ Association-Musa – 2000

7. Muumandu conservationists – 500

8. Mbooni conservation – 5000

9. Kaumoni market – 500

We will be distributing the 22,000 tree seedlings donated to us by Konza Technopolis to our (Kibwezi Well-wishers) members, community members, different schools, churches and market places.

We will be keen to those who have received the donation plant and grow the seedlings well to ensure high survival rate throughs frequent monitoring.

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” ― Nelson Henderson

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